This Is Exactly How Much Money I Made For Each Of The Last 11 Years

This one’s pretty much all in the title, but this is a blog, right, so, more words!

A lot of FIRE blogs are those of people who make a ton of cash — and that’s great! But I’m not really in that camp.

As you’ll see.

Here’s my exact income for the past 11 years. Not my salary, or the amount on my job offer sheet, but the actual amount I paid taxes on. It’s a good mix of full-time jobs and freelance, and some years I worked a lot more than others, so it’s not really a “climb the ladder” type of salary chart.

Anyway, here it is:

Graph of how much money I made from 2007-2017
The Tasty Green Bars of Money

Phew. Well. It’s out there now!

Truth be told, I’m a little afraid to post this. Because, although it’s pretty decent and I had some good years, I often feel like I undersold my skills. I’ve never been a great negotiator or sales person. In fact, working on those skills is largely what had accounted for the increase towards the end!

The range is $21,300 to $99,164 and the average is $48,250. Which is about right, because if you asked me what I make I’d say somewhere around $50,000. I’ve always thought of that as my salary, even when I made a lot more, because the “more” rarely came from a stable job.

(Note: I’m not American, but I converted everything to USD because I’m using that currency for this blog.)

I’ve worked for years before this (I didn’t start good records until 2007) at lower salaries. And you can see after a couple of really good years, I’m back at a more normal level last year. 2018 is looking on the higher side though, which’ll be a nice way to round off my working life assuming I do finally pull the trigger and “retire” early.

Can I ask what you do?

You may ask, what do I do? It’s hard to explain because it’s a bit of everything and I’ve never had a consistent title. I guess you could say … digital services? I’m handy with computers, and can write a decent sentence or two. Add in a little video and photo editing and I’ve hobbled all those skills together into a career of making myself useful in a whole host of places. I’ve mostly worked on marketing teams, startups, and for myself. I’ve done work for clients that you’ve definitely heard of, and some you definitely have not! It can go from awesome to a grind to everything in between all in the same year.

I’ll probably do a more detailed post about that at some point, because there’s plenty of side hustle potential in that work, and maybe I can share some tips.

Anyway, that’s it. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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