Game – The $5 Cut Game

You have your budget, you have your monthly spending locked down, but can you kill another $5 from it?

The Game

It’s pretty simple, try to get a $5 discount on a monthly charge somewhere without losing any services. No downgrading your internet bandwidth or minutes on your cell phone or moving to a cheaper house!

And like any great game, it gets more challenging as you play.

The first level of playing this game is pretty easy. You just ask. Call any service provider and ask for a discount. Internet, cable, phone — just call ‘em and ask for $5 off. Lots of phone reps are authorized to give small discounts like this. (I’m sure many of you have done this!)

The second level gets a bit more difficult. You might need to switch insurance providers to get the same coverage for a lower rate. Or switch phone companies. Usually you can do this a few times before you can’t get any lower.

The third level is harder again. You might have to refinance something. You might have to pay for some services up front for a yearly discount. Lots of software works this way. (You just gotta balance yearly savings with the lost opportunity of interest and come out $5/month ahead!)


Say you succeed twice at each level and in total save $30/month. That’s $360 per year. Not a ton, but nothing to sneeze at! Take your lovely to a nice dinner and toss the rest on the retirement pile.

As you keep playing, week by week, or month by month, or whatever frequency you wish, you’ll really optimize your spending and build the habit that prices are not prices.

Good luck! Post your successes in the comments and inspire others.

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2 thoughts on “Game – The $5 Cut Game”

  1. I’ve made the cell phone cuts twice in the last year. Originally carrying T-Mobile ($70-$75 per month), then to Boost for $35, then I discovered Mint for only $25 per month. Ultimately, they use T-Mobile towers so I cut down my bill by 2/3 and didn’t sacrifice anything!

    It’s fun to make it into a game. Helps keep the motivation and principles alive!

    1. Awesome work! Cell phones can eat up so much $$$ like they’re hungry hungry hippos! It’s kinda like financial limbo “how low can you goooooo?” 🙂

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