This is an early-retirement-slash-money-slash-lifestyle-slash-chicken blog for people who have retired early, those who want to, and those that think it’s a terrible idea but like to hate-read blogs about it.

A 21, I was thrown into the working world and really didn’t think that could be my whole life. I figured I could retire at 35 if I spent little and saved and didn’t need much to retire. I figured $500k would cover it.

At 36, thanks to luck and magic math, I had $600k in my retirement fund! (I had to adjust the original 500k estimate because of inflation and also 21-year-old-me was a dummy.) With that, I figured it was time to try this early retirement thing. Live a life of leisure, you know? Travel the world neighbourhood.

I’d travel the world, but $600k doesn’t give you that sort of lavish retirement and also I don’t like to travel. I’d rather be frugal and free! And now I am!

What you’ll find here: struggles with frugality and not spending and being content with less. Struggles with filling all of my time now that I’m permanently off. (Lots of time to write!) And whatever lessons I learned along the way that may be of some use to those who want to retire early.

And who knows where this will go. Perhaps it’ll turn into a document of creeping madness after I decide to open a chicken farm but spend too much time with the chickens and can’t bring myself to slaughter all my chicken friends so I just end up living with a lot of chickens and going back to work again so I can afford to feed them.


Regardless, good times ahead!